Dodge Charger

1987 Dodge Ramcharger 318
the vacuum hose coming from the carb goes to a black canister in the engine compartment near the pass head light. The hose was full of tiny black particals" carbon filter?&Quot; what is the canister really called so I can replace it and have vacuum pressure back? Thank you in advance
February 18, 2007.

It is related with evaporative emission control and it is the charcoal canister. I would check all the hoses going to the canister

Mar 6, 2007.
Hopefully thcharcoal did'nt get drawn into the carb. Some older chrysler's I ran across did that, i, ve seen vacume sources plugged to charcoal in the carb float bowl, hopefully it didn't do that for you. Pull the line off the carb and try to probe in vacime port and see if any debris comes out. Good luck

Mar 6, 2007.