Dodge Caravan

My Dodge Caravan, 1992, millage about 260,000 km.
My head lights will not turn off unless I remove the fuse, (': (')
Sad One day I was coming out of the store and noticed that my lights were still on, I couldn't turn them off.
It is not the same as when the lights are on either low beam or high beam. I did not think that I had day time running lights but now I don't know what to think.
June 20, 2006.

I don't remember chrysler having day lights. Could be the auto shutdown, ya know what I mean, when you leave the lights on and they shut off after a while. As for where it's at I don't know. I hope this helped some. Vandragon

Jun 21, 2006.
My van is a 1992 and it does not have anything automatic, sometimes the transmission is not auto.
The lights are on and will not turn off. Thanks for any help you can give,

Jun 21, 2006.
I seem to have the same problem with my 99 neon. The lights stay on after shutting the car down. I think it may have to do with the daytime running lights module allow power to get to the lights, but not sure. I'm not sure what it looks like or where it is on my car to even test it.

Oct 15, 2006.