2005 Dodge Caravan

2005 Dodge Caravan 3.3L 15,000kms
Everytime I turn (right) into my driveway, I will get a clunk that seems to be coming from the rear-end, passenger side. I do not get this clunk when driving normally, just when turning (right) into my driveway. My driveway is a little elevated. Any idea what this could be related to? Thanks.
March 9, 2006.

Get those potholes fixed in driveway and no more right turns just left : ). I havent got to play around with to many knew cars so ill just have to wing it?
You might want to check ur sway arm(if you got one in back?) And see if the link between the sway arm and body are in good order. Bad shocks or strut might also cause that. But for right now since it is 2005 id put that Chysler warranty to work for u. Well good luck and let us k now. Thnks jess s.

Mar 10, 2006.