1999 Dodge Caravan

The power outlet (where you would plug in a cigarette lighter or a phone charger or something) has no power to it. Is there a fuse for this that I should check?
January 16, 2006.

I have the same problem. I looked in the power distribution center (under the hood, near the battery), and found a fuse for the power outlets, but it was good, and replacing it didn't help. (If you haven't found it, on my 2000 Ply Voyager, the power distribution center is on the driver side. Remove the cover by pulling the two latches, and the diagram is on the inside of the lid. You should be able to find the fuse from that.)

I seem to recall this happening before, and I had to take it to the shop, but the repair seemed extremely simple. I wonder if I can't do it myself, if I knew what to do! Anybody have any clues?


Jan 16, 2006.
Cigarette lighter/power outlets typically have a push on female connection. It sounds like it has come off in you case the fix is easy push it back on. Getting access so you can is the hard part. Remove the dash panels carefully til you can get the job done. Take your time and don't pry on panels very hard.

Paloma Paul
Jan 16, 2006.
02 Caravan same problem. Found the fuse was good. Power to the outlet good. 2 problems. The ground wire no longer went to ground. Easy fix. Cut the ground wire and ground it on the chassis. The other problem was the connector had burned out and no longer carried the current into the inside part of the outlet. Either replace the outlet, or solder a new wire around the connector to get the positive wire to connect to the inside of the outlet. Make sure you of what you are doing with and ohm meter before you make any changes.

Apr 6, 2009.