2003 Dodge Caravan

2003 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Where is it located and how to take it out and install back in?
June 28, 2009.

REMOVAL - 3.3/3.8L 1. Release hood latch and open hood. 2. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. 3. Hoist and support vehicle on safety stands. 4. Remove nut holding B+ terminal to starter solenoid (Fig. 7 ). Fig. 7: Identifying Starter Components Courtesy of DAIMLERCHRYSLER CORP. 5. Disconnect solenoid connector from starter. 6. Remove bolts holding starter to transaxle bell-housing (Fig. 8 ). Fig. 8: Locating Starter Bolts Courtesy of DAIMLERCHRYSLER CORP. 7. Remove starter from bellhousing (Fig. 9 ). Fig. 9: Locating Starter 3.3/3.8L Components Courtesy of DAIMLERCHRYSLER CORP. 8. Separate starter spacer from transaxle bell-housing.
INSTALLATION - 3.3/3.8L 1. Place starter spacer in position on transaxle bellhousing, flange toward flywheel. 2. Place starter in position on bellhousing. 3. Install bolts and ground wire (Fig. 6 ) to hold starter to transaxle bellhousing. 4. Connect solenoid connector into starter. 5. Install nut to hold B+ terminal to starter solenoid. 6. Lower vehicle. 7. Connect battery negative cable. 8. Verify starter operation.

Jun 28, 2009.