2000 Dodge Caravan

Noises problem
2000 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 152, 00 miles

My husband drove my van about 100 miles last weekend, before that had no problems. On the way back, almost home it started to " buck/jerk" a couple times. Then stopped doing that and instead made a growling noise from the front end. He got it home shut it off. Let it set a few minutes and restarted it. Made no noise drove around town, after 5-10 minutes started making growling noise again. Shut off, parked for a week. Started van up drove all over town kept driving, speeding up slowing down, makes no noise. Drove today heard a very quiet but not constant growling noise after 2-3 miles. Check engine light not on. Any ideas?
October 27, 2010.

When you hear the noise, is there anything you can do to make it change? For example, turning, braking, accellerating?

When it does start (which again isn't every time and seems to be only after it is heated up) we have parked it letting it just sit there running, tried accelerating, going around curves corners etc at lower and higher speeds and the noise stays the same, although I did notice if going up an incline it does seem like it gets a bit worse. The only time it did the " bucking/bogging" it was going up a hill the growling noise though is whether it is on flat ground, hill or anything.

Oct 29, 2010.
Have you checked for vacuum leaks?

Besides the 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan I have a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan and a 1996 Chevy Blazer. Both have had vacuum leaks and both had the OBD/Check engine lights on with the vacuum leaks. (Blazer also had other problems but I just had the 2007 in today they are fixing it under warranty) Am I wrong in thinking the light should be on if there is a vacuum leak? I have also seen the bogging/heard the noises they have both made with the leaks and they are in no way similar to what the 2000 is doing. I would be happy to check for that (or have a friend do it) but did not think it would be this much different then the " signs" from both of the other vehicles. Please tell me if I am wrong in this assumption though. Or if you have any other possible ideas.

Nov 1, 2010.
Actually, not all vacuum leaks cause a check engine light. However, often times they will due to an engine misfire, sensor malfunction. I would start there. It could cause the symptoms you described. The noise you describe has me a little confused. Is more of a bearing noise, hissing. When you say growling, it sounds like a bearing issue such as a waterpump bearing, alt. A bad alt could allow the voltage to drop and causing a misfire.