1999 Dodge Caravan

Engine Performance problem
1999 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

We took a chance and bought a Dodge Caravan that has engine issues.
The person that owned it, was driving it on the highway and it just quit. When he went to start it, it did not run on all it's cylinders.
It smokes out the exhaust, smells like it is running rich, and you can smell gasoline. Exhaust also comes out where the oil goes in.
It does not hold idle unless you have the excellerator down. Refuses to go more than 1-2 feet in gear. We are hoping it is a simple problem. We attempted to check the spark and it seems *Not for sure* that only a few of the wires are producing spark. We had the coil pack checked. (AutoZone) they said it was OK.
September 8, 2009.

What codes were listed?

How many miles on the motor?

The check engine light is not on, has not been checked for codes yet and it has 200,000 miles. I know that is a lot!

Sep 8, 2009.
Sounds like a few problems are going on. Posible blow-by for one.

Check to make sure the pcv system is working.

Is there oil getting into the air filter at all?

If the answer is yes to both, I'd think the engine is tired.

Check it for codes.

We are not able to get it to a parts store to have them scan it, but when we did the key check, it came up with code 23.
The air filter is clean.

Sep 12, 2009.
I assume the pcv system is working?

Excessive fuel can be from a bad fuel pressure regulator that does not suppress the pressure down to spec. So check that.

Check the wiring harness for the fuel injectors at the throttle body for wearing through.

Check and see what the o2 sensor wave patterns look like, may be a couple of degraded o2 sensors that are good relative to one another but are weak.