1998 Dodge Caravan

Electrical problem
1998 Dodge Caravan 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

Came out one morning and wipers came on with ignition, despite switch position. Replaced multifunction switch. Still on when ignition switch is turned on. Mechanic showed me how to unplug 4-conductor connector until we figure out what's wrong. We think it is the BCM. What do you think? What can we check?
Mike calvert
September 16, 2009.

If wiper switch is OK then either the wiper motor or the BCM is faulty. May want to try swapping wiper motor with a known good one to see if it fixes it. If it doesn't then you know the BCM needs replacing.

Sep 16, 2009.
Replaced BCM. Wipers work fine. Thanks!

Mike calvert
Sep 18, 2009.