1996 Dodge Caravan

Engine Performance problem
1996 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 175000 miles

Hi I have a 96 caravan that will drive for about twenty minutes and then loose power drive for about aminute at 20 kmph and then stall and I cannot start it till the next morning it would also buck during acceleration gives a trouble code p0743 we changed the tcc solenoid fixed the bucking but the code still shows up and other issues still there please help
June 15, 2010.

After stalling do check the fuel pressure
as I would suspect fuel pump

Jun 15, 2010.
I dont have a fuel pressure guage but I do have a snap on scanner can I check fuel pressure that way. I double checked the tcc solenoid connector and it wasnt seated right, reseated, code gone, Also we replaced the crankshaft position sensor because when we tried to restart it would backfire like the timing was off took it for a test drive it drove a little better but died after about 30 min and when I tried to restart couldn, t hear the fuel pump banged on the tank and it sputtered a bit but it started and I drove it home 15km sputtered once at around 80kmph when it went to shift to third but acceleration was fine does this still sound like the fuel pump or could it be something else or combination of two things any ideas of where to go from here

Jun 16, 2010.
Hitting the fuel tank get it going for you
have to suspect fuel pump
scanner will not show on this model and year the fuel pressure and need a set of gauges

bad fuel pump

Back fired due to lack of fuel and fuel pressure
if have fuel and no spark should not have back fired
no crank sensor no spark and no back firing
hope that make sense

Jun 16, 2010.