1999 Daewoo Nubira

Electrical problem
1999 Daewoo Nubira 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 122000 miles

I pulled the codes off the OBD port and got codes for crank sensor and also cam sensor. I did a ohm test on bolth the cam and crank sensor and they are between 200 and 500 ohms. I tuned the ignition on and read voltage on the plug on the cam which read 12volts. The crank only read 1.35 volts which is nothing in my mind. I did a continuity check on my wires going from the ECM to the plug to the sensor and it was good. I checked voltage at the ECM and got the same voltage readings I got at the plug. I have narowed it down to three things. My cam sensor, my crank sensor, or my ECM. But I did pull codes off the ECM. Any advice as what nexed?
June 28, 2010.

Hi jer680,

Thank you for the donation.

What were the exact trouble codes retrieved?

The voltage for the cam sensor is correct but for the crank sensor, it should read as 5 volts.

Jun 29, 2010.
The codes for the deawoo car I was working on is
P0336 P0337 P0341
I hope you have some advice to what I should do. I hate to start buying parts untill I can find out which one it is. Thanks so much.

Jun 29, 2010.
I have emailed you the diagnostic files. Let me know what you find.

Jun 30, 2010.