2000 Daewoo Leganza

Electrical problem
2000 Daewoo Leganza 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

2nd try! Sent $5.00 donation 2 weeks ago have PayPal receipt but no return of my question or even a post in my account. New at this.
Would send another $5 if I knew this worked.
No Spark, I changed timing belt & head rebuilt.
Now No spark. I've replaced coil pack, ECM Computer, traced feed wires & GROUND. I have a OBD II scanner and shows no fault codes. Here is the kicker
< < < < NO MIL LIGHT> > > > at IGNITION.
(no Check engine light at all) Manual says if fuse, feed wires and ground are good than must be ECM. Replaced ECM (salvaged yard) 2x still no mill Light at ignition. I have spark tester.
If cam/crank sensors are bad wouldn't the MIL light still come on at ignition turn.
I hate to take the time to replace crank sensor when it may be Something else I'm missing.
I just am lost with this.
.. Thanks Ken (Email) calwash@juno. Com
October 31, 2008.

Let's start from scratch. Do you have 12 volts to the plus side of the coil? If yes, do you have a test light pulse on the negative side? Let me know and in the interim, I'll do a little research.

James W.
Oct 31, 2008.
JAMES> > Great ! I'm getting the hang of this forum stuff now.
The 4 Wires (flat 4 plug) connected to coil pack.
12v good on pink (hot) wire at ignition.
Connected that 12v wire with black wire (on same connector right next to it) with a test light. Gave me a Dim light that pulses at engine turn over on test light.
White and orange wire I did nothing with and show that they are not hot and test light didn't light up when connecting to them.
Also I have a wiring diagram (Mitchell OnDemand5 Software) I have access to refer to if needed.
Big-Thanks- Ken

Nov 1, 2008.
Looking at the diagram, and going by what you have replaced to this point, the only thing left is the crank sensor.

James W.
Nov 1, 2008.
Will try. But just a little more background before I try Crank sensor.
The thing is I never touched that low into engine.
The car overheated due to water leak causing water to get into cylinder. I had head rebuilt, assembled cams TDC timing gears marks etc.
Before assembling timing belt cover I decided to turn over with valve cover off to check for proper tooth alignment. The Cam sensor is in place & Fuel pump kicks in but no spark. This is where I found " NO MIL" light coming on at ignition. Replaced ECM and all above mentioned.
I guess by the MIL light not coming on I focused all my attention on getting that to jive with ECM.
But will try your suggestion.
Also this car would die from time to time in the past. When engine would cool off then would start. Intermittent.
That's why I've gone over grounds and feed wire to ECM so much trying to find a loose wire or something.
Ken Thanks for help.

Nov 1, 2008.
Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep me posted, Jim.

James W.
Nov 10, 2008.
I realize that this was a long time ago and am hoping that you have found the culprit of your headaches as I am having the same ones. Please let me know what it was as I am on unemployment and cant afford to go replacing everything I think it might be.

Jan 21, 2011.
HI it was the Crank Sensor. The bulb for my MIL light was taken out due to previous owner getting rid of check engine light staying on. The Obd2 scanner gave code of Cam sensor but it ended up being "Crank Sensor all along.

Jan 22, 2011.
Thank you for following up on your question, that is great to get your feedback.

2CarPros Mike
Mar 1, 2011.
Quick question, Having same problem with 2000 daewoo leganza. Where is the crank sensor located? And how do I get to it? Can't find a diagram online.

Jan 22, 2013.
The crankshaft position sensor is located on the block under the power steering pump if so equipped. You have to remove the air conditioning compressor and the A/C mounting brackets. Then remove the accessory mounting bracket. You will be able to remove the crankshaft position sensor connector to access the retaining bolt. After removing crankshaft position sensor carefully remove the sensor by rotating it while pulling it out.

2CarPros Mike
Feb 26, 2013.
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