2000 Daewoo Damas

Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Daewoo Damas Engine Size unknown Two Wheel Drive Manual 48000 miles

Hello there I have got a little car which is DAEWOO 2000 Matiz it has 48 000 miles the cr is fine is hasnt have proble at all today I switched on ad it comes black smoke what do you guys think I shall do
i checked the oil level is fine but the is not switch on for about 1 - 2 months can someone help me please before I send it to the mechanick
all th best
February 28, 2008.

If I understand you right you havn't used vehicle for 2 months? Don't worry about the black smoke? Start the car let it get hot to clear out all the depost built up while stood it should clear after a coule of minutes

Dave H
Nov 9, 2008.