2002 Chrysler Town and Country

Engine Performance problem
2002 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

the converter to go bad, foul spark plugs, and have soot in the tail pipe? This is my daughter's car; she had a tune up and the converter replaced a few months back, and now she says fuel economy is bad, it sounds like there is a miss and soot coming out the tail pipe. I'm thinking it could be a bad injector or two, but it's a 2002 those should not be bad, right?
Any suggestions before she melts this converter.
June 22, 2009.

How many miles are on the vehicle? Has the check engine light come on? As far as the O2 sensors, they could cause a problem with fuel economy, but if bad, the check engine light should have come on.

The van has 105,000 and right now there are no codes. The engine light was on until they replaced the converter and it ran good also. That has been a couple of months ago.
So this may not be the O2 sensors, could it be a bad injector or two?

Jun 23, 2009.
It could be an injector but I doubt it. Usually and O2 sensor will kick the check engine light on. A bad O2 sensor will have an affect on the economy. I would try the O2 sensors before the injectors. Also, has anyone checked for a vacuum leak?

And I'll try the O2 sensors first. About the vacuum test, no as far as I know no one has done one. Could that be something that I can do if I had the right tool? And how could that affect the fuel system( maybe I'm not thinking clearly). Are you thinking about the egr or something along those lines?

Jun 24, 2009.
You can use a vacuum gauge to check intake vacuum pressure, or just check under the hood for vacuum lines that are damaged or disconnected. With the engine running, sometimes you can actually hear a hissing sound.

As far as the EGR, that could be a problem too, but usually it will set a check engine light if not working properly. THere is a vacuum line going to it on the intake. Give it a check too.