2001 Chrysler Town and Country

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

The check engine and battery light is on, ran a scan and came up with po107(map), p122(tps), which was changed, and po106, po205, p1478, p1496. Only tps was changed, same results. Also black carbon from tail pipe. Cleared codes and they all came back, disconnected battery codes came back. Noticed a buzzing noise on and off on drivers side. Also changed battery. The idle is rough, rpm jumps up and down, drove it a short distance, and could not shift from second gear. Any Idea what could be wrong

Thanks for any help

Sorry did not realize it was posted on the web site, was looking for an email. Great anwser, because we heard a buzzing noise coming from the driver side before the problem happened. Need to know if I should buy a new pcm?
September 30, 2008.

Hi rmtraders,

Thank you for the donation.

P0106 = Barometric Pressure out of range.
P0107 = MAP sensor voltage low
P0122 = TPS voltage low
P0205 = Injector # 5 Control circuit.
P1478 = Battery Temp sensor out of limits.
P1496 = 5 volt supply output too low.

All the sensors are reading wrongly due to low voltage supply from the PCM. You need to check the PCM for fault.

Oct 1, 2008.
Should the pcm be replaced, that buzzing noise I heard from the drivers side could be coming from a bad pcm.I didnt receive any fault codes indicating a bad pcm, should I receive a fault code, or go ahead and change it?


Oct 5, 2008.
Hi rmtraders,

Bad PCM does not necessarily mean it will produce a code. Becaus the PCM is still working but out of specs, it still consider itself to be ok.

What I have suggested are only based on logical analysis and might not be the actual fault. It would be best if you could get a known good PCM to test.

Oct 6, 2008.
I'm trying to append this information to a previous post regarding several fault codes, poor running, thick black exhaust.

My vehicle had all these same symptoms; it was the wiring harness for the fuel injectors and the map sensor. It is in the back below the intake. The connector came out of its bracket and must have laid on the exhaust manifold and melted the insulation off all of the wires. I wrapped everything up with the best electrical tape I could find and everything is ok now. I secured the connector to its bracket with wire ties so this wouldn't happen again. I hope this helps someone else.

May 18, 2009.