1996 Chrysler Town and Country

Transmission problem
1996 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

Lookiing for a 2nd opinion.

Originally my '96 3.3L Town & Country was stuck in " limp mode" right after having a failed Altenator (changed). The initial code was P0765 - Shift Solenoid Switch (changed). The tranny shifts from 1st to 2nd & rev's to try to shift to 3rd & doesn't shift but rather stays in 2nd (not a true limp mode). I checked the transmission relay switch & all connections of the pack.

I have been advised to remove the Transmission Solenoid Switch/Pack to check for debris BUT, I as reluctant because of unnecessary work & it seems that the debris would pass through & collect in the filter. Do you see anything else I might do before remove the pack?
July 23, 2010.


The key work is pass through, Well it has to be able to pass through first. It is possible that the debri has gotten lodged in the valve preventing it from operating properly.

Another possibility is internal damage. Which would indicate needing a rebuild on the tranny or replacing the tranny with a reman.

A couple more possibles.

Turbine Speed Sensor

Output Shaft Speed Sensor

TCM (Transmission Control Module)


Jul 23, 2010.
What & where are the: Turbine Speed Sensor

Output Shaft Speed Sensor

How can I check it?

Jul 23, 2010.
Here are the locations of the sensors.... They are very inexpensive about $15 - $20 each.

Press CTRL + to zoom in

Jul 24, 2010.