1999 Chrysler LHS

Engine problem
1999 Chrysler LHS 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 124000 miles

What happen is all the sudden I notice my car overheated. At that time it was starting well. When I start the car it runs and I hear a griding noice over by the water bumb. I open the timing belt cover plate and found that the Idler pulley bearings are all out. I got new pulley and replaced it. The water bumb was ok was not leaking at all. I pul the timing belt back on the pully and the water bumb and put everything back together I tried to start the car. All it does is crank not turning over. I notice I did not align the Crank Shaft and the Cam to the proper places. Open it back and turn the crank shaft to the point where it supposed to same as the camshaft. Ever since then I can't start my car I am not sure if I am way off the timings of the crank and cam. Please point me to the steps I need to do to get it fixes. I would really appreciated. Thank You very Much.
January 4, 2008.

hope that help
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Jan 4, 2008.