1999 Chrysler LHS

Engine Cooling problem
1999 Chrysler LHS 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

I have had to put 2 containers of antifreeze in my car within the past week. I haven't noticed any leaks, yet my car has ran hot and after adding anti freeze it seems to b ok. There's no white smoke from the exaust, and no signs of oil in the coolant exchange. I'm worried tht thr antifreeze is either evaporating, because somethings not working, or ite antifreeze is going somewhere it shouldn't be! What's wrong?
February 16, 2010.

Two possibilities are to use a pressure tester to pressurize the system, then look for leaks, or to add dye to the coolant, drive it for a few days, then search around, including the tail pipe, with a black light.


Feb 25, 2010.