1988 Chrysler Le Baron

Engine Mechanical problem
1988 Chrysler Le Baron 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 80,000 miles

I'm having a random problem w/my speedometer. It sometimes works and at other times it seems to need to 'warm up' to work. I've replaced the speed sensor w/ a junkyard part's but got same result (random operation). The problem might be related to tranny fluid, as it began after I had the tranny fluid sucked out and replaced. Maybe too much fluid in tranny has foamed and is causing problem? Speedometer works about 2/3 of the time and after sitting sometimes doesn't start working for 5 or so miles. Or it will work for days, and then stop. It only has problem after start up, never failed while driving. What do you think? Thanx alot!
James Bone
June 12, 2008.

Hey, my 88 lebarons speedometer is fully inop, and I was just wondering if you found an answer outside of the website?

May 7, 2012.
Remove the speed sensor and check the gear to see if it is worn out

May 7, 2012.