1984 Chevrolet Van

Steering problem
1984 Chevy Van V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 184000 miles

I'm having a problem with this van where when I have it sitting at idle (such as at a stop, parking, etc. Anywhere the engine is at about 1000 RPMs) the steering is very hard (i.E. Feels like there is no power steering at all). I have changed the power steering pump (the old one was worn out and squealing) bleed the system and changed the serpentine belts and set the idle.

All this and now it is still hard to steer at idle if I rev the engine up to about 2000 RPMs the steering is just fine. I don't think this is normal but I'm not sure, I suspect it could be the power steering gear but I would like your advice be for replacing that.

This problem makes parking this van difficult so if I can I would like to fix this soon.

Thanks so much for any help,
June 25, 2008.

With the van running turn the wheel watch the tire how far to move the wheel befrore tire moves?
Also jack both wheels off ground does it get easier?
Let me know

Jun 25, 2008.
The steering is tight about 2-3 inches before the wheels start to turn and yes it turns easy at idle when I jack it up. So what does this mean?


Jun 26, 2008.
That confirms your steering gear is the culprit. Probably worn piston seals so when bring up the RPMS pressure increases enough to move piston worm gear and turn pitman arm. You could try to put some slack in the gear box. Look on top of box you will see a cap 4 bolts in the middle is there a nut with a screw inside, if so losen nut back out on the screw couple turns tighten and try steering.

Jun 27, 2008.