1994 Chevrolet Truck

Transmission problem
1994 Chevy Truck V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 197984 miles

Have a 94 chevy pickup truck with 4L60E transmission. The truck don`t get driven much like 3000 miles year has 200,000 miles it work fine the last time I drove the truck it set in the driveway. Got in the truck yesterday and the trans would`nt shift in 2nd gear so I put it manual in 2nd then it shifted. Won`t shift in 3rd gear or overdrive. Check all the fluid levels fine. Ok the speedometer not working know. Will this have anything to do witht he transmission not wanting to shift please help !
June 10, 2010.

That transmission is computerized, if the speedometer does not work the transmission will not work either, you will find the speed sensor located on the left rear of the transmission, remove and clean the metal particles that are making it short out, then reinstall and see if speedometer works

Dr Loot
Jun 18, 2010.
OK! Everybody found my problem after about 10hrs chasing wires. Sometime are another my neighbor said his son in-law put a ignition switch down on under the column and one of the wire came out . He said the truck sets for weeks and he never drives it.
So I found the orange wire on the switch someone put it in the wrong hole(see the org wire feed the fuse box where the brake fuse is that feed the 12volts to the speed buffer brown wire. Now just have to take 1/2 day to put everything back together. Thanks for all your info

Jun 29, 2010.