1991 Chevrolet Truck

Chevy Caprice 1991 180,000 miles. Just replaced the head gaskets and noticed that some of the valve lifters plungers are stuck (no movement). Also I cannot get any of the lifters out. The all come up a bit, but that's all. How do I go about adjusting the valves with the stuck plungers lifters?
November 16, 2006.

Thanks for the reply. Don't think blowing compressed air will do it. I was wondering if I have the lifters without rollers. The ones with flat bottoms and wear has caused a flange to build on them and this is stopping them from coming out. They all seem to come up about the same amount, then it seems as if they are hitting something hard. Or carbon could it be that? There was quite a bit of deposits in the engine! And could it be carbon inside the lifter that is stopping the lifter plunger from working?

Nov 17, 2006.
Don't know if you ever got your lifters out, but
1. They make a special tool to pull them out. And
2. You can pull them out yourself. Bend a piece of wire to stick under the bail on top of the lifter and pull up. It should come up if not all the way out. If it doesn't come all the way out, put a pair of pliers, gently around the lifter and turn it back and forth while pulling it out. Replace the lifters, they are inexpensive. You can also spray some WD40 (or similar product) or even clean motor oil around the lifter to try and free it. Hope that helps.

Feb 3, 2007.
If all of the lifters are still in place, just leave them there, if they are not problematic, they are settled into their position on the camshaft, and to move them to another position will cause premature wear/failure, just continue reassembly: after torquing the heads to spec, insert the pushrods into their respective guides and make sure they are seated properly in the lifter, followed by the rockers, just torque the rockers to spec, I think 20 ft lb, but consult your service manual to be sure. Followed by the lifter valley pan, followed by application of intake manifold gasket, followed by torquing the intake manifold to spec, once the engine is started the lifters will self adjust, if they are hydraullic (stock)lifters, hope this is helpful

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Mar 12, 2007.