1989 Chevrolet Truck

Electrical problem
1989 Chevy Truck V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

My turn signals quit.I changed the fuse, flasher fuse, turn signal switch, head lamp switch. Flashers all work but no t/s. Only half of instrument cluster is lit up now
February 7, 2010.

Welcome, just talking about turn signals. Did you check circuits at turn signal switch while you were replacing switch? Sure would have been a good time.

There is probably a multiwire connector under the dash close to steering column, for circuits going to and from the column. You can see wiring colors in diagram. Use testlite on proper wiring circuit, see if it is hot when it should be?

Feb 7, 2010.
Ok I had a simuler problem so I checkt my tale light circut bord that I pug my lights in too and found them rusted and messing up the connection so I replaced both of them and now I dont have the problem and for your instement cluster lights there is a conection by the flasher that is rufly about 2.5 inches long and one on the colum one of the 2 might have come loose

Aug 19, 2010.