1987 Chevrolet Truck

1987 Chevy Truck

This 87 Chevy C20 step-side truck came out with a V6 engine(I believe) Someone replaced the original engine with a 305. There have been several items replaced on the truck that have worked with the 305 engine. Had to replace the radiator with a V6 one. The starter has been replaced many, many times. It has been shimmed, the fly wheel was replaced and still the starters will quit after approx. 10 cranks. One of the starters had the teeth eaten off. None of the starters sounded good from the beginning of being replaced. They either make a clicking sound or sound like when your trying to crank a vehicle and it's already cranked. Is something out of line, do I need to buy a starter from Chevrolet, what is happening?
Please, please help!

June 22, 2008.

Ok, if I am not mistaken the V6 and the 305 both take the same starter that is for that year. Do you know the year of the 305? Have you tried without shimming the starter? Have you check to see if the nose cone length is right? The one the teeth were eaten up on, were they messed up on the end near the nose the middle?

Jun 23, 2008.