2002 Chevrolet Tracker

Noises problem
2002 Chevy Tracker 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 215347 miles

There is a tapping noise in the motor what could this be. So I will know what problems could exist since I'll have to have it checked. I know nothing about cars. Just basics. And wouldn't want to spend money not needed. I haven't got a mechanic
Carla erwin
September 3, 2010.

Hi carla.
Well a tapping noise really depends on where at in the engine that it is located. Ie. On the top of the eng this would be a lifter noise. On the sides of the engine this could be a wrist pin or piston prob.

On the bottom of the engine this could be a crankshaft or rod bearing or main bearing

However with the miles on your engine it could be major. I would change the oil and add one qt of trans fluid to the oil. The oil changers will tell you not to do this but trust me it is the only chance of not doing major repairs.

Sep 14, 2010.