1999 Chevrolet Suburban

Engine problem
1999 Chevy Suburban V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 98,000 miles

My intake manifold gasket is leaking again. This will be the 5th gasket I've put on this vehicle. I'm getting some feedback that the dex-cool orange anti-freeze is causing this problem. Any thoughts?
January 23, 2008.

1999 suburban 132,000
Good luck I am on my third intake gasket, however there is a major lawsuit against GM on this very issue. Hundreds if not thousand of vehicles affected. Look up Dex Cool lawsuit on internet and get in line. Make sure if you decide to fix it you use a fel-pro gasket kit. It addresses this very issue. I have a 99 suburban and buick I will no longer be buying GM they stand behind nothing. My gauge cluster is also going out on my suburban 2 fuel pumps later and water pump the list grows today I found out my shift cable is bad.

Jan 24, 2008.
Wow! This piece has had every problem listed by everyone on the internet! I will never ever buy GM again. Nothing. 3rd water pump in 1.5 years, 2nd gasket going in now, guage cluster works when it wants to, brake lights go out like blinking christmas lights! Interior light and door chimes work with keys out of vehicle, fuel pump 3 not icluding one that was put in and worked for a day before I picked uop the trash heap, and heater hose connection nobody will touch except dealer and I will burn it before I give them another red cent. I need 3 more months out of this thing to get rid of it and get ANYTHING else!

Jul 16, 2009.