Chevrolet Silverado

I recently changed the starter on my 1999 Chevy Silverado. In doing so, I needed to disconnect the battery during the process, meaning the radio lost power and the Theft-Loc engaged. I purchased the pickup used and do not have the code to unlock the radio. Does anyone know how to reset the the radio? I called the dealer and they said they could do it for $75 dollars. I would rather do it myself.

Thanks for the help.
November 12, 2007.

This requires a phone call and about 15 minutes.
1: turn the key on-- the radio should display LOC
2: hold down 2 and 3 radio buttons for 6 seconds
3: the radio changes the loc to a three digit number--write this number down quickly you have 15 seconds
4: press the am/fm button
5: write down this three digit number right next to the first one
6: you now have 3 from step 3 and 3 from step5
7: call 18005375140 on the phone
8: press 1 and then #. You will hear " invalad code, try again" 9: press 139010 then press #. You will be asked to enter a 4 or 6 digit code followed by *.
10: enter the 6 digit code from step 6 then *.
11: listen for the 4 digit number and write it down
12 now turn the ignition on again(radio displays LOC)
13: use the MN and HR buttons to enter the 4 digit code from step 11
14: press the am/fm button and the display should change to SEC. Your radio is now unlocked. And you saved 75 smackaroos.

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Nov 22, 2007.
How did you make out?

Dec 13, 2007.
Link for radio unlock codes.

Feb 7, 2010.