2001 Chevrolet Silverado

Electrical problem
2001 Chevy Silverado V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

2001 chev - 2500 hd - broken wire
I noticed that my headlights were not working
> started checking fuses everything good
> service advisor said likely the main switch. So I changed it. I already had some of the dash off. Lights started working. Then I notcied that the lights would come on and off as I moved the tilt steering. Started taking more apart. Then wnet back to garage. They said it was a box by the tilt steering and have ordered one for me.
then I noticed a broken wire. Yellow with a red strip. Anyone know what this wire is for. Or have a wiring diagram
. My email is

subzero@mcsnet. Ca

I will send the pic to you. PLEASE HELP
January 11, 2009.

I don't see that wire in the headlight circuit, but I'll see what else I can find.

I went through the majority of the diagrams for this and can not find ANY yellow wires with a red tracer.

Was there and after market anything installed? Remote starter..etc.

I'll trace the other end.
Waiting too see what the new part will look like.
The diagranm you sent is blurry

Jan 11, 2009.
Blurry? The one I sent to your e-mail?

Mine looks clear.

Open it and zoom in.

The email one is good.
That wire may not be lights, but what is it for,
did you get the emails

Jan 11, 2009.
No email came through.

I don't know what it's for, thats why I asked if any aftermarket accessories were added.

I went though the majority of the diagrams trying to find any wire like that and found none.

What is your home email.
I have some pics

Jan 11, 2009.
Wagontrailgraphics@gmail. Com

Ok I got the pics. Still nothing on a diagram with mitchell, I'll check alldata at work and see if I can find anything.

Looks like it came out of one the connectors that plugs into the switch.

I changed the switch for the head lights & the box on the steering wheel that includes the signal lights, wipers, 4 way flasher, cruise.

Head lights still not work.

BUt the big problem is that the truck will start, run for about 2-3 seconds, the shuts down. It does have the SECURITY light on.

Tried leave key in run position for 10 minutes the restarting, no help.

Tried spare key NO help?

Any HELP much appreciated.

Jan 17, 2009.
First, check over all the connections that were removed and re-installed during the swap.

IF all is good, put the old part back in, since the original problem still remains and there is a new problem that didn't exist, I would return to that point.

If it starts and runs, return the part defective, and we will go back to the troubleshooting to headlights.

Did anything ever come of the mysterious yellow/red wire?

I'm going to ask our GM specialist to step in.
I think Brian1 can help out on this.