1999 Chevrolet Silverado

Engine problem
1999 Chevy Silverado V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 138K miles

Just went on again after being replaced about 18 month ago.
Note: My gas tank gauge has been out of whack for a couple of years also.

The Stealer raped me big time on the repair last time.

How can I diagnose the cause of the CES light?

How can I inexpensively replace sensors if needed?

Thx, Bob
January 11, 2008.

Mr. Bob take it to the nearest autozone and have them hook up their receiving computer called scantool to extract the OBD2 code/s and comeback with it so we can follow thru.

Thanks for donating we sure appreciate your kindness.

Jan 11, 2008.
Okay. I went to Autozone and rented (bought & returned) their code reader (ACTRON CP9135). By the way thanks for the advice whoever, on how to rent/borrow a tester.

Code Reader gave back 2 Error codes which were " exactly" the same. 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 both reported: P0332 Knock Sensor 2 Circuit Low Input (Bank 2).

And yes, I triple checked to make sure that both error codes said Sensor 2 and Bank 2 (not 1 in either case).

The Autozone computer said it could be the following: defective Knock sensor, loose connector, knock or rattle, or low fuel pressure.

I went ahead and erased both codes.

Can someone tell me where and how difficult the knock sensor is to get to and replace (cost is about $42)? Also is there only 1, or 2 on this model truck?
Other ideas?

Thanks, Bob

Jan 14, 2008.
Mr. Bob

What's your engine liter? am coming up with 2 KS for a 5.3 and 6.0 located in the valley under the intake manifold-see below


Intake Manifold Removal

Jan 14, 2008.