2000 Chevrolet S-10

Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Chevy S-10 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Don't really know how to replace the fuel filter. What needs to be done to relieve pressure so the fuel filter can be replaced safely?
September 15, 2010.

Usually after the vehicle sits overnight without the key being cycled, there isn't much pressure on the system. You can unplug the fuel pump connector at the rear, then try to start vehicle, if it starts it won't run for long. If you have a schrader valve, you can use a fuel pressure gage to relieve pressure.

The filter shows to have a threaded fitting on one end and quick connect fitting on the other end. I have used needle nose pliars to take quick connect fitting loose. The autostores sells a tool for that, I don't believe it costs much.


Sep 15, 2010.
There is a Schraeder valve on the fuel rail where you can relieve the pressure. We usually just slowly open the line. Just watch your eyes.
Make sure you check the arrow for direction of flow on the new one. There are a couple of different type line releases. One type has 2 tabs that have to be squeezed together and another type has a plastic locking that that has to be slid out.

Sep 15, 2010.