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I have a 1998 Chevy k-1500 6-cyl 4x4 with 170000 miles and it hesitates while driving around 50-70mph. I have to let go of the accelarator for it to stop. I recently replaced the fuel pump and it just stoped working again what might the problem be?
December 20, 2006.

Did you replace the fuel filter? A clogged fuel filter will make it hesitate on acceleration also. By the symptoms it sounds like the vehicle is starving for fuel. Also if the fuel filter is clogged and you don't change it after replacing the fuel pump you can burn up the new fuel pump. ALWAYS change the fuel filter when you replace the fuel pump. Let me know : )

Dec 20, 2006.
I did replace the fuel filter. And the fuel pump relay any suggestions?

Dec 23, 2006.
IF this is a 5.3, check the fuel pressure regultor, they had a leaking problem.

What brand of fuel pump? I stay with Delcos on these. Too many problems with aftermarket pumps. Bad from day one. Check the fuel pressure with a gauge that runs from the port to a gauge. Duct tape the gauge to the bottom of the windshield and run it, observing for change in pressure when problem occurs. This should help eliminate the pump, filter.