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I have a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34 with 3.1L V6 and I keep having a problem with my brake lights. They do not always work. I have checked the bulbs and everything is fine. I noticed that they quit working when I use my turn signals. Then sometimes they start working again when I use the turn signal again. But I have tried it several times and this is not always the case. However, I did discover that if they are not working I can brighten or dim my headlights and and they will begin working immediately every time. I am assuming it is something to do with the turn signal switch. I would appreciate any help you guys could offer on this issue. : D
January 25, 2007.

The trun signal switch is what I was thinking as I read your post. Sometimes jiggling the switch from the lever or using the hazard button can get a reaction.

I was told inthe past to try turning the hazzard switch on and off a few times and this seemed to help in the past. However, I am not getting the same results.

Jan 26, 2007.
Fair chance you'll need to get into it to test it, but I would be prepared and make sure one is readily available, don't want to have to put it back together if it needs it.