2000 Chevrolet Malibu

2000 Chevy Malibu

So I am just about done with this car.
I have changed the water pump, thermostat, fans, and the tubing. I have placed more anti-freeze in this machine than gas. THIS CAR WILL NOT STOP RUNNING HOT! The strange this that it is not constantly leaking ati-freeze and the problem seems to have gotten worse since I have had these problems fixed. I have taken it to a Midas, a mechanic and to a guy on the street and of all the problems they have seen, not one of them has said that I have a bum radiator.

There is no mis firing or white smoke. My intake manifold was changed fall of 09 and I dont see anit-freeze pooling there like I used to. However I am " leaking" antifreeze from somewhere because the reservoir never stays full.
Can someone please give me a straigt answer or at least some direction before I completly scrap this car?
July 9, 2010.

Is there coolant loss? Has headgaskets been ruled out? Any coolant in oil? White smoke from exhaust? Engine miss?

Jul 10, 2010.