1999 Chevrolet Lumina

Brakes problem
1999 Chevy Lumina Automatic 124, 00 miles


The brake lights in my car aren't working. My husband replaced all the light bulbs for the tail lights in my car, but when I put my foot on the brake pedal, the brake lights don't light up and there is no way to tell that I've put my foot on the brakes. I have a third light in my car, at the back dashboard, at the back windshield, on the inside of the car, and it lights up when I put my foot on the brake. But the tail lights of my car don't light up when I put my foot on the brake. I was wondering if you might know if this may be a wiring problem or electrical problem, or any other reason why my brake lights aren't lighting up when I put my foot on the brake?

Thanks for your help.
October 6, 2009.

Welcome to the forum, The high-mount brake lites are wired differently than the lower brake lites. The lower brake lites and tun signal use the same bulb filament just not at the same time. If the turn signals work ok, then the wiring circuit from the multifunction switch should be ok. There may be an issue with the multifunction switch?

Oct 6, 2009.
OK, thanks for replying to my question and letting me know! The turn signal lights are working OK. I will see if my husband can check the multifunction switch.

Thanks for your help!

Oct 6, 2009.