2001 Chevrolet Impala

Air Conditioning problem
2001 Chevy Impala 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 105000 miles

The car's a/c compressor seizes during operation intermittently causing the serpentine belt to stop, the car to jerk, and then the compressor kicks back in and the spindle continues turning--the car running smoothly for awhile until the problem repeats a short while later, sometimes longer.
The Compressor and related parts are new as of yesterday, and the a/c need not be on for this problem to occur.

Is there a switch or control mechanism in the transmission that would cause this, as I have been told by one mechanic? I have already spent over 1200.00 in diagnosis and repairs.
July 29, 2008.

If the compressor is new, I assume the clutch on it is not the old one? Remove the serp belt and spin the tensioner and idler pulleys, they can, if the bearings are shot, also cause this. If the switch in the trannt(TCC) was bad, it would either lock up the converter, or not allow enguagement, it would not cause the serp belt to stick! Are you getting a squeal when the belt sticks? Or just the engine is stalling?

Jul 30, 2008.
The clutch is new.
There is no squeal, the A/C stops dead and the belt just stops for a moment. It jerks back into motion, sometimes spasmodically after two or three very short jumps.

Additionally, part of the symptom is an idle surge and drop. The car sometimes even stalled on rare occasions.
Yesterday, it idled roughly again.

Jul 30, 2008.
The problem might be when the compressor was changed, was the system flushed? A pancake filter installed and the system filled and run for an hour or so, then the pancake removed? If it wasnt done like this, there may be debris in the system and the new compressor may be loading up with the stuff. You should have a new accumulator on it as well, and a new orifice tube.

Jul 30, 2008.