1972 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe

Engine Performance problem
1972 Chevy Custom Deluxe V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 175000 miles

I bought my 72 chevy about 3 weeks ago, it ran perfectly for the first 2 weeks, started and ran without issue. It sat for 3-4 days while I drove another rig, when I started driving it again it started this problem. As I am driving it runs fine with no indication of a problem, as I slow to stop or turn it will just shut off without warning, no sputtering etc. It usually starts right back up but a couple times it has taken as long as 24 hours to restart. It has an updated electronic ignition and spark, it is also getting fuel. Any help! I have changed the air pilter and have new plugs for it but have not put them in.
April 13, 2010.

When it stalls out and won't restart, is it getting any spark? This retrofit ignition, is it a GM HEI distributor, or something aftermarket. It sounds like an ignition module that is failing, could also be a coil.

Apr 14, 2010.
It is an Accell Distributor, not HEI, the ignition Module is within the cap. The two smaller wires of the green and red seemed extremely loose. After tinkering with them and checking spark it seemed all was well. I drove it around a bit last night to see if it would die so I could put a volt tester on it but as I gave it throttle it would just sputter and spit and fall on its face. Ran worse than ever last night.

Apr 15, 2010.
Since it has been altered with aftermarket equipment(ignition), I can only offer you basics. Take a fuel sample. There could be contaminants or moisture in the tank that when agitated by turns/stopping, get into the fuel system. While your doing this, it would not hurt to check fuel pressure and volume. Pressure on a carbureted system should run around 3-5 psi, and volume of a pint in 30 seconds. Since it stalled and wouldn't restart for 24 hours, it could be a thermal problem with the ignition. You have a triggering device in the distributor that signals the coil, as well as the ignition module. Have you checked the distributor cap/rotor and wires? Check that the cap has no moisture inside of it. It could also be the coil. If you can duplicate this no start, check for spark.

Apr 15, 2010.