2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

Steering problem
2008 Chevy Cobalt 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 43000 miles

I had a spare key made for my car and the key got stuck in the ignition switch. It finally came out but now the car won't start and the steering column won't move. Is there a anti theft reset switch on it or is it something else?
January 2, 2010.

Will the ignition switch turn on? When the switch is in the on possition the steering wheel is locked? You can only use a factory type key on these vehicles as they have a chip in the key. The copy may have damaged the lock cylinder. Get back to me.

Jan 2, 2010.
Tne switch will not turn at all now. It is located in the off position, but it registers that a key is in the ignition. The chimes sound. The steering wheel is locked in place. My husband had called a locksmith and he said for $ 200 he could send someone out to take the tumbler out and rebuild it. We thought maybe it just needed to be reset because of the security device and unplugged the battery for a while. But that didn't work. If it is the tumbler and it needs to be replaced, is there a trick to getting it out or instructions we can look at to do it? Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated, this is my daughters car and she doesn't have a whole lot of extra cash for a expense repair bill. Thanks so much

Jan 3, 2010.
Now the copy key may make it chime but is don't have the chip to allow it to start. I am guessing that you got a bad copy and it has damaged the lock cylinder and may need to be replaced. Now once replaced then it will need to be programmed so the car will start. Now I also need to know if this is column shift or floor shift? If it is floor shift it may be the linkage and such that allows the switch to work it looks like there is a problem with it. Get back to me.

Jan 4, 2010.