Chevrolet Cavalier

Help! I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier. The service light comes on as soon as I put the car in gear. It does not come on until I put the car in gear. The running lights light on the dash board flickers on and off and I can hear the relay in the fuse box clicking on and off. As soon as the running lights light on the dash board stops turning on and off, the service light comes on. Is this because the running lights are not working? If I change the headlight bulbs, will that fix the trouble?
March 24, 2007.

Robert. Can't answer your question, but I can tell you this. It is usually over $50 to have a tech check your codes, so I went and bought a $99 code reader and have been able to solve most every problem since, on All my vehicles. Man, what a money saver!

Apr 12, 2007.
I have a cavalier 2002, and one day the service light went on and I didn't pay attention then after a while my trasmission broke so my advise is pay atention, do something to fix that

May 5, 2007.
I had a 2000 sunfire that did the same thing. The clicking you hear is most likely the daytime running light relay. It will click about four times and then the little wrench will light up. It may be you have a bad bulb the car I had it was a bad wire by the battey and the bulbs were fine. Also as a side not the low beams worked but the high beams did't. Look at your bulbs or test for voltage at plug. Hope it helps.

May 14, 2007.