1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Engine Cooling problem
1997 Chevy Cavalier 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 150000 miles

Where is the thermostat located and what is the procedure to replace it? Thanks.
November 19, 2008.

Hi: Follow the upper rad hose back to the engine. It will be attached to the thermostat housing. Drain the coolant, remove the hose from the housing, unbolt the housing and remove the t-stat. Reverse the order to replace.



Many thanks for the response, but I must beg to differ.

At first, I did exactly what you described and guess what - NO stat! My initial thought was that the previous owner removed it in a lame attempt to cure a cooling/heating issue. No problem, right?

Upon closer inspection I found the curious words " thermostat at water pump" stamped into the fixture attached to the upper hose that I had already unbolted from the block. I then traced the lower hose back under the exhaust manifold to what I assume is the belt-driven water pump.

The thing is, in addition to being difficult to get at (thanks Chevy!), There are two separate fixtures between the lower hose and the water pump.

Which one is the thermostat in, or do I have to remove both of them to complete the repair?

Nov 20, 2008.
Sorry! I looked it up and you're right. Here is what it says:

1) Raise Vehicle

2) Remove radiator outlet pipe stud

3) Remove 2nd coolant inlet housing bolt

4) Remove coolant inlet housing

5) Remove t-statI up loaded a picture for you.

I uploaded a picture for you.

I hope this helps. Why can't they make things simple?

Let me know how it goes.