2010 Chevrolet Blazer

I have an 1988 4.3 TBI engine. There is a decent oil leak on driver's side. I can see oil running down an oil line. The filter is on the fender. Is there a sending unit on that side that the would hold the oil lines. I think one time before an O-ring leaked on that side. Any thoughts, ideas or repair advice appreciated.
November 13, 2006.

The oil filter is located on the driver's side fender and the lines go into something I can't really see how to get into. I replaced the sending unit that was behind the distributor cap. Not sure this helps you. I can see three nuts where it looks like the lines go into a silver colored plate. Any more help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nov 14, 2006.
I have a 1994 s-10 blazer and I am leaking oil at the bottom of the engine. I thought it was the rear main seal, but found out at a transmission place, that it most likely is the remote oil gasket and o-ring that you guys were talking about. And possibly the oil lines that lead from the engine to the oil filter, etc. Several mechanics tell me that this is no small job and not cheap either. The engine needs to be lifted to get to the plate\adapter at the bottom of the engine which is about $300 in labor. Also, if any of the oil lines are leaking, they are about $180 per set. I think there is atleast two sets. They run from the base of the engine to the remote oil filter area, to the radiator, and back to the engine. This may end up costing me $500-$600, not including engine mounts if I choose to do these while they have the engine lifted: [

May 3, 2007.