Chevrolet Blazer

2000 Chevy Blazer, 112000 miles, 4litre. The passenger front seat has a plastic lever on the side which is pulled upward to allow you to adjust the position of the seat back. The plastic handle did not break. But instead, the horizontal metal rod (which the handle is attached to) broke. This metal rod is inside the seat and runs horizontal along the bottom of the seat back. I understand these are nortorious for breaking. Is this a do-it-yourself project? If so, can you advise me on how this rod is to be changed out?

September 25, 2007.

This is not an easy do it yourself repair. The part you need is called a recliner assembly. Once you remove the seat covers, there are only a few bolts that hold it in. It can prove difficult to hold everything in place while changing this part though.I would recommend taking to a pro. It should take them no more than 30 to 45 min to change it out.

Sep 28, 2007.