Chevrolet Astro

1997 astro van, 89.987 miles, 4.6 liter

This van as rear dutch doors. The doors are electric with a manual key lock that activates the electric locks. The upper window part of the door has electric locks only.

PROBLEM: The electric lock on the driver side of the rear dutch lift up window door will not activate and is locked. The passenges side whurrs and unlocks but the drivers side will not. The locks on both sides have to unlock for the door to lift up. I can not get in the back of the van, or figure a way to get to the electric lock.

April 30, 2007.

I don't see the question was ever enswered? I have the same problem, one side of rear hatch window will not unlock and see no way to take it apart to check anything. Can some please contact us with how to get this window open so we can repair this?

Thank you
Randy McDonald
desertrider1959@aol. Com

Aug 11, 2007.
The left lock on the top Dutch Door of my 99 Chev Astro won't unlock also. Pretty bad if you have a flat and can't crank down the spare.

Apr 11, 2009.
You will need to crawl into the back of the van, and on either side of the hand hold in the centre, are caps covering two bolts, (10mm) if I remember correctly, remove them and handle. In the gap at the bottom of the interior panel of the hatch, you will see a metal arm, using a screw driver push it to the left as far as it will go. This is a pivot, that has a rod going to each side lock, and will release the hatch. Next take of the panel, ( screws on each end and some clips- its easy). Grease everything that moves. Also, make sure that the lock actuator is A) working and B) moving all the way, if not, check that the linkage is ok, and that actuator does not move instead.

Apr 21, 2009.