1997 Cadillac SLS

Electrical problem
1997 Cadillac SLS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 127000 miles

I am getting a theft system problem message with both keys. Is this something I can fix?
December 5, 2009.

It is possible, depending on your own mechanical ability. Chances are probable you have an ignition cylinder failing, or failed. Easiest way to check is with an ohmmeter, and with the left side lower i/p insulator removed. If you find the harness that is exiting the base of the steering column, where is a large orange conduit with two small white wires that come out of it at the connector. If you measure across these wires, with a key inserted, it should read a value, something other than OL or open circuit. It is usually open, or reads a value, which corresponds to the pellet value in the key. With open circuit, the cylinder is faulty. Proper repair would be to replace the cylinder. It can be bypassed at the connector if you bridge it with resistors of the same value as your key.

Dec 7, 2009.
How much will a dealer charge to repair this?

Next how many bolts do I need to take out to remove the lower i/p insulator?

Thanks for you help!

Dec 8, 2009.
I would speculate it would be in the 3-400 dollar range. Typically, it is around 2.5 hours flat rate labor, plus the parts(which would be cylinder and 1-2 keys). There are 2 screws that hold on the insulator, or maybe 3, but no more. It is just the black cover. You can also remove the knee bolster trim(just pulls out) after the insulator, and then there is a sheet metal reinforcement behind it. That will open up the area even more.

Dec 8, 2009.