1996 Cadillac Seville

Computer problem
1996 Cadillac Seville STS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I have had this on for quite sometime now trying to find the problem. I was directed by 4 different people that the ignition switch could be the problem. So I replaced it. It did get rid of some codes, but I still have some left. They are;
PC 1602- EBTCM TCS interface malfunction
No TCS data
PZ 2042- Loss of serial communications TCS/ABS
RS 0038- ELC short to ground
Is the EBTCM the bed part according to what these codes show?
The RS 00038 I think is a seprate issue needing to be replaced, even though.
Is that what you would suggest?
September 28, 2009.

You have a fault relating to communications to/from the ABS control module(EBTCM). It could be power or ground to the module, the module itself, or the communication line. First would be to see if a scan tool can communicate with the EBTCM, assuming it can't, then the modules powers and grounds would need to be checked. If there is power and ground at the EBTCM, then one would suspect the EBTCM is faulty. If there is no power, or no ground, at the module, then that would need to be traced and corrected.

Sep 29, 2009.