1988 Cadillac Seville

Smells problem
1988 Cadillac Seville V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 145, 00 miles

My car staslled and would not re-start. Starter and battery both good. Whenever I try to start it I can smell gas as if it were flooded. I did not touch ther gas pedal.
October 15, 2009.

I'm assuming your engine turns over but won't kick in. If you're smelling gas, then that means your fuel system is getting gas to the motor, but your ignition system isn't lighting it.

You'll have to check for spark by pulling one of the plugs and connecting a spark checker. If there's no spark, then you'll have to find out why. Start at the distributor and control module.

Ernest Clark
Jan 19, 2010.