Buick Roadmaster

I have a 1995 Roadmaster Wagon. The front brakes were groaning and grinding. I had them looked at but the pads were not all the way worn. They were in good shape. The rotors were great. We replaced the pads anyway just to see if it would help. One pad on the front left wheel was inadvertently put on backwards. We tested it and within a very short distance it smelled very hot. We took it off, found the problem and put it on correctly. Still smelled hot. Looked again and took off the rotor. It needed to be replaced. Could not " turn it" down. Bought a new one and new shoes again. Put them on and it got hot smelling again. Took off the wheel and found the rotor wasn't turning. Calipers were stuck. Got new calipers. Installed everything again. Brakes were bled. Brake fluid was added. Drove it around the block and the hot smell was back. It seems to be the left side. We asked someone and they mentioned the brake hoses might not be allowing the fluid to flow smoothly. They might not be allowing the calipers to retract and then they get hot.

Any advice?
November 17, 2006.

Yes, we did put new caliper pins in and cleaned out the mounting bracket. What about the possibility of the wheel bearings being the problem?

Nov 18, 2006.
MY money is on the hose being calapse not returning the fluid.

Nov 21, 2006.