1995 Buick Regal

Brakes problem
1995 Buick Regal 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 135000 miles

I back out of a parking spot, put the car in drive, and take my foot off the brake. As soon as I begin to take off, I hear a light metallic sound(under dash?), And then the ABS light comes on and stays on until I kill the engine. Upon restarting, light is not on. On rare occurrences, it does not come on at all. Brakes are not worn and car will stop on a dime without breaking loose. Fluid level is fine. Need to get car inspected, but since ABS is a safety feature, it probably would not pass.
June 14, 2009.

Without the benifit of scanning with the tech I scan tool, you need to inspect the wiring, the relutor rings at the wheels, the connections(for water intrusion) and the module for leaks. You can test the sensors at the wheels with an ohm meter. Test across the two terminals by unplugging the connector. Test ohms forst, then switch to volts ac, spin wheel and you should get voltage reading, the faster you spin, the higher the reading. Replace any with no or incorrect reading. Scan first if possible!

Jun 14, 2009.