2003 Buick Other

2003 Rondevouz with 85, 00 miles - Losing 1 to 2 qts. Of oil between oil changes but no visable oil leak. Dealer says repair will be$1300. Second opinion says " can't see, problem get rid of car" do know who to trust. Anyone with similar problems?
February 25, 2006.

The average car (it seems like) will use about 1 quart between oil changes maybe 2 if idle the car more so? $1,300 for what? Did they say we dont know what it is, but 1300 should cover it? IF so stay away from that DEALER. If the second opion is a dealer too I wouldnt buy from them either. But hey at least they dont want $$$ : ) . Good luck

Feb 25, 2006.