2002 Buick Century

Electrical problem
2002 Buick Century 6 cyl 125 miles

We recently purchased this car however the odometer light will not come on to see the mileage and to see what gear we are in. It doesn't have an inspection sticker and I can't get it inspected without having the milage on it.

Can anyone please help me and tell me what my next step should be.

Mom in distress!
February 18, 2008.

I just opened up my 2001 Buick Century for the same problem. I think the 2002 is almost identical, so this probably applies to you. It turns out the instrument cluster is one large module. Most of the warning lights are LEDs, the constant-on and dimming lights are incandescent bulbs, but the odometer & gear indicator display is an LCD. If it isn't lighting up, it is dead as a module. There is no backlight to replace. When I got down to mine, I could see the location of a burn-out on the LCD. It's possible the same happened to yours. I was hoping to replace just some back light bulb but it's just not possible.

I haven't found any reputable dealers with instrument clusters for sale, though there were a few on eBay. I don't know if I want to put those into my car though. I'm just going to call up a dealer and see how much it'll cost to have them install a new module. (Probably too much, but I'm kind of over a barrel on this.)

Good luck.

Mar 21, 2008.
Fortunately this gets better. A few resisitors and some solder and BAM! Wish I could claim credit for the fix..... Check it out.

Jan 1, 2010.
Thanks fieldsmd. I have a 2003 Century and this fix worked great for me and even easier than I thought. You don't even need a solder sucker to clean out the old solder because the pins don't go through the board. Just curl the wire under, cut to right length and they sit right on top. Odometer bright again. Thanks again.

Jan 18, 2010.