2001 Buick Century

I have a 2001 Buick Century 3.1 with 48,000 miles that has been into the shop several times in 5 months for the same issue. When applying the brakes, a noise and a grinding happens as though the anti-lock brake system or TRAC is engaging when skidding on ice. This will happen a few times, then the " service eng. Soon" light comes on as well as the " ABS" light and the " TRAC OFF" light. After the lights come on, this does not happen again. I assume this is because the TRAC is no longer engaged. Code: #C1225 - Excessive left wheel speed control vibration and Code: #C1216 -" EBCM Commanded Pres Rel is too long" is given when scanned by mechanic. The left front wheel bearing (hub) has been replaced 3 times as well as the ABS Control Module. After each service call the car works for a few weeks, then it all happens again. This still has not resolved the problem. We are grasping here trying to figure out what could be creating this issue.
September 7, 2007.

There is a Technical service bulliten on your car! Both front Wheel speed harnesses are to be replaced...
Reference # 03-05-25-008 Issued october 2003
Seems the sensor wire is too long and rubs or loops over tie rods, causing damage to the sensors.
Go to a dealer with this info and ask for this to be done!

Sep 7, 2007.