1993 Buick Century

Noises problem
1993 Buick Century 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 92000 miles

my car ha sa loud knock coming from the motor I think it may be the main bearing but I dont know
April 12, 2010.

In order to help you, I need to know what is your specific question. Are you asking if I also believe your knock is a main bearing? Are you asking how to fix a bad main bearing? Do you need to know what else can cause a " Knocking" sound inside of an engine?

Ernest Clark
Apr 25, 2010.
I dont know if it is the main bearing or maybe the crankshaft I dont really kno how to tell I dont want to put to much into it so im trying to figure it all out so I dont really kno what could be wrong with it if u have any advice that may help me at all that would be absoloutely great.
Thank you

Apr 27, 2010.
If you buy an automotive stethoscope (5-10 bucks at AutoZone), you could use it to listen to you engine.

Place it on each valve cover first, then against the bottom of your engine block.

If the sound is louder up top, then it's in a cylinder head. If it's down low, it's a rod or piston.

Either way, your engine will have to be torn down to find the exact cause. But the parts and labor you'll pay won't be worth it on a motor with that many miles on it.

You'd be better off buying a used motor or rebuilt motor and having it installed. In the end it'll probably only cost you a couple hundred more.

Ernest Clark
Apr 28, 2010.